vova migunov ivan markovsky photo by alexander dzhantimirov

Gainsay is a musical duo of Vova Migunov (Baton Rouge, LA) and Ivan Markovsky (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Vova Migunov is a singer-songwriter, trained as classical and jazz vocalist, originally from Ukraine, currently in the U.S. seeking his doctoral degree in science. Ivan Markovsky is an independent solo recording artist, TV commercials music composer and producer.

The album captures singer's unique high-pitched voice with remarkable timbre in a slightly-brutal musical space. The catchy and bumpy guitar riffs and soulful electric harp accompany stories about distances and destinations.

Ivan: "Once I heard Vova's voice I thought, ok, I would hire a harpist, lock them together in a basement for a week with my recorder on, and we'll get a cool album. Just as I listened to these songs again and again, I realized that we can develop something of a larger scale, since it felt like these are good pop songs after all."

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